We are in the process of updating our podcast (formerly known as Middle East Collective’s “Table Talk”). Our podcast interview series is comprised of inspiring and informative conversations about intersectional feminism, true diversity, social justice advocacy, and interfaith work.


PODCAST SESSION “Art, Integration, and Healing” WITH AIDA MURAD


In this episode we talk about art, healing, and integration with Aida Murad. Aida is an Arab-American currently living in Washington DC. She’s a social entrepreneur, artist, motivational speaker, and food critic. Aida works to share lessons, stories and inspiration so we can learn from and empower each other.

She was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 21, but refused to live her life bound by pain. Aida Murad’s agonizing diagnosis has led her on a path to natural healing and everlasting peace. Most importantly she’s a life-long learner, thinker, and aims to live a meaningful and impactful life. 

In this podcast episode, Aida and our founder discuss the following:

  • Her background and how she defines herself as an Arab-American

  • The journey to finding her artwork and developing a passion for creativity

  • Religious connections to art and incorporating women

  • How to stay positive throughout your healing process and the support Aida received as an Arab-American Muslim woman

  • Healing within marginalized communities, as well as Aida’s advice to artists and leaders who hope to spread compassion through their work

  • Integrating art as a form of activism

  • Working with the refugee community and using art as a tool for bridging the gap between refugees and other people in the U.S.


PODCAST SESSION “Celebrating #MuslimWomensDay with a Wild Mystic Woman” WITH LAYLA SAAD

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 10.51.09 PM.png

We were honored to speak with Layla Saad, founder of the former Wild Mystic Woman. Layla writes and hosts powerful conversations on the intersecting themes of spirituality, creativity, feminism, business, leadership, and sacred activism. She stands at a diverse intersection of identities, from which she is able to draw rich and intriguing perspectives.

Her own personal journey as a Black Muslim woman, her past work with mentoring clients and her writings often confront the oppressive cultures of patriarchy and white supremacy. Through Layla’s work, she is devoted to centering and uplifting the stories, art and magic of women of color.

In this #MuslimWomensDay podcast episode, Layla and our founder discuss the following:

  • Layla’s core values as an East African, Arab, British, Muslim woman

  • Personal transformations as a woman living in the Middle East, with roots that stretch over to the UK and Africa

  • Layla’s personal journey as a hijabi

  • How to tie religion and spirituality into your work as a business owner

  • Passing the mic to women of color and Muslim women

  • The rise of the alt-right and increase in Islamophobia

  • “Black Panther” and what it means to the Black community

  • Reconnecting with African roots and fighting cultural appropriation