MYSTIQUE: A Poem for Women


MYSTIQUELet the world forever stare In amazement, at who I am Or let them listen and understand Without holding bias or revolting, I obey no man's command

A times the sun scorches Spanning the firmament in waves of heat At other times, the clouds shower rain, Shall I not hide from the mayhem Or play ignorant while I groan in pain?

Let them raise the issue Over and again, to widen the mystery I ask rather than hold resentments Shall I then lower myself To live by man's fleeting sentiments?


I am of nature, but higher The birds have feathers for support And lions are covered in fur While the tortoise is shielded in its shell How then, shall I display my figure?

If freedom you wish for me, Leave out my father and husband I act upon my Lord's will Rather make my veil an honoured look Among the rest and not ill

Find me beyond my dress or skin But in my speech and intellect How dignified were women in status! When the Muslims and English paraded The Earth in cloaks and gowns and were precious


Fatima Bint Abdul Alim started composing poems in 2013 though many of her poems are yet to be published. She won third place for a competition held in 2015, by with one of her poems, “Another Day”.

In the poem, she described a scenario where the deceased was wishing that his loved one would stop grieving over his death. As she was still grieving over the demise of her sister in 2014, the poem became a source of comfort.

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