The "M" Word at the Los Angeles Women's March

Women's March What's up Los Angeles?! My name is Ani Zonneveld and I run the organization Muslims for Progressive Values. Yeah you heard me right "Muslim", the "M" word! I am also a feminist, which makes me a Muslim feminist!

I challenge human rights abuses in the name of Sharia law at the community level and at the United Nations. And you know what?

The fight for women's rights, for LGBTQI Rights, for freedom of expression, for freedom of and from religion in America is starting to look a lot like the Muslim world: Discrimination in the name of religion.

2 days ago, did you know, the Health and Human Services just enabled medical providers to refuse, I repeat, to refuse to provide care based on religious objections." Meaning women's reproductive rights and needs and LGBTQI folks, are on the hook.

We have seen our legislatures at the State and Federal level write legislations based on THEIR interpretation of the Bible. Tell me, how is that any different than Sharia law? We are not Saudi Arabia. We don’t live in a theocracy. It is simply UNAMERICAN!

So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to vote these TRAITORS out! What are we going to do? VOTE THEM OUT! What are you going to do? VOTE THEM OUT!

Did you know that the American Constitution does NOT, I repeat, does NOT protect a women’s rights? That is why legislators get into office and legislate the most backward misogynistic laws. So. Unless Congress passes Equal Rights Amendment protecting women’s right, what are we going to do? VOTE THEM OUT!

Women's March 2018

Did you know that in CALIFORNIA, as Californians you should know this, a child even 10 years old, can be married off by force, by their parents if they get the right judge? Unless all Californian legislators, listen, legislatures of California, listen up! Unless you raise the age of marriage for all children to 18, what are we going to do? VOTE THEM OUT!

Unless legislators criminalize Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting, what are you going to? VOTE THEM OUT! No you know what you’ve got to do in EVERY level of election, whether it be city, municipality, state, federal, I mean EVERY election.

You gotta be out there and you're going to do what? VOTE THEM OUT! And while you march today, I want to hear you chant, I want to hear you chant: VOTE THEM OUT!

[Watch Ani Zonneveld speak at the Women's March in Los Angeles by clicking the link below. What was your favorite speech from the Women's March?]



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