International Women's Day: Are You Seeing Red?


Women's Day If you aren't seeing red, you should probably check your newsfeed, where you'll hopefully be happily overwhelmed by an ocean of red; powerful images of women and men participating in a #DayWithoutAWoman marches in solidarity for International Women's Day.

International Women's Day

Which is why we wanted to wish an incredible "Happy International Women's Day" to all of our brilliant, strong, inspiring, and extraordinary female readers; and a huge thank you to all the male feminists who stand by us and support us (and even wear lipstick for us), no matter what oppressive hurdles are thrown our way!

Even Lady Liberty is standing with the resistance and going dark for a #DayWithoutAWoman!

International Women's Day

We're thinking, why can't we celebrate International Women's Day all week, instead of just today? Seriously. Who would want to stop us; besides this Egyptian parliamentarian, some U.S. cabinet members, this Polish lawmaker, and maybe "just a few" others?

Since Middle East Collective is run by a team of passionate women (i.e. an Egyptian, a Pakistani-American, and two Tennesseans), we decided to throw our inhibitions to the patriarchal wind and make this week Women's Week over at our corner of the internet.

We will focus on the powerful movements and progressive changes women in the West and the Middle East are developing, which promote tolerance and understanding of Muslim and non-Muslim women of all different shapes, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and colors.

Women's Day

Let's talk about the misogynistic mishaps and putrid patriarchal powers trying to undermine our work, in hopes we can address them openly with our male allies and advance gender equality for every woman and girl.

To help us build this dialogue and reflect on the lessons we have learned since the inception of International Women's Day in 1945, please join our online community and sign up for our newsletter.

Also, be sure to share this post with all the feminists in your life, so they'll be able to celebrate International Women's Day all week too!

In peace and solidarity,

The MEC Team