Honoring Mother's Day with Arabic and Middle Eastern Poetry


Tomorrow is Mother's Day! We are looking forward to celebrating this special day and honoring not only mothers, but maternal bonds and the great influence of women and mothers in our global society. As the Arabic proverb goes, "Heaven is at the feet of mothers." We wanted to share the following Arabic and Middle Eastern quotes and phrases, which honor supportive mother-figures. Consider sharing these heartfelt words with those who have mentored, raised, loved, and supported you!


"When my mother cries, I burn like the dry branches of a tree. I don't think about rational reasons, I just discover that we are one person, who cries with four eyes." - Mohamed Hassan E'lwan

"The sweetest human lips can utter is the word mother, and the most beautiful calling in existence is: Oh mother. A word small, big, filled with hope and love and kindness and all the tenderness and sweetness in the human heart" - Gibran Kahlil Gibran


"A mother brings her child close and holds him, a sanctuary of heavenly beauty, sacred. The sanctuary of life, with her purity and her kindness. Is there above it a sanctuary greater and more sacred? You are blessed, sanctuary of motherhood." - Abu Al-Qasim El-Shabbi

My Mother’s face is my nation’s face.

"I am still, mother, on your grave here a child who sells patience, I call on you and I wait. I am a child new to orphanage and I don't know what comes next, for who after you will answer my call? And who after you will kiss me so I forget? And who in the morning will I smell the fragrance of flowers in their breaths?" - Abd El-Aziz Gowida

"Every time I see hope and life, I see your image and I call on you: Oh mother, oh mother, oh mother, good morning my majesty." - Salah Jahin


"I have never seen a place for creatures to be nurtured like the hugs of mothers." - Ma'rouf Al-Rasafi

"And we have enjoined on you to be dutiful and kind to your parents. In pain did your mother bear you and in pain did she give birth to you." - Surah 46. Al-Ahqaf, Ayat 15

Mother is the name of God on children’s lips.

"He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the Lord!" - Psalm 113:9

"I will not call you a woman, I will call you everything." - Unkown


What are your plans for celebrating Mother's Day? Please leave your comments below and consider reading "Binti"; a touching story about motherhood and migrant labor. !عيد أم سعيد Happy Mother's Day!


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