Ready to Hex the Patriarchy? #MeToo

pexels-photo-211358 #MeToo is gaining momentum around the globe. If you haven’t heard about the #MeToo campaign, it was started 10 years ago by Tarana Burke in order to bring awareness to sexual assault happening throughout the United States.

Women are using the #MeToo hashtag to talk about sexual and gender based violence, what it means to be a victim or a survivor, sexism, misogyny, and how to break the patriarchy. When you're scrolling through the #MeToo conversations, it’s especially important to listen to the women whose voices should be at the forefront, because they are the most marginalized in our communities: women of color (WOC), Muslim women, queer women, etc.

If you are a White cis woman reading this, use your privilege to raise the voices of women in minority communities. Don't participate in victim blaming or shaming, and don't center yourself in spaces where marginalized women are sharing their experiences.

If you are a man and you have not shown your support for someone who has used the #MeToo hashtag, let them know that you hear them and that you are there for them. Speak out against rape culture by telling the women in your life that you will protect them from verbal assault in public and in online spaces, then be sure to call out the men who are doing the damage.

The rise of women does not equal the fall of men. It "simply" means equality. It means that we will be able to walk beside of you in the night, without fear of harm. We might not be able to take back that night, but you can help us prevent more violence from happening by joining us in our fight.


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