Glimpses of Syria, Part 2

Candle burning for Syria Glimpses of Syria: A candle burning for Syria. In the ancient underground church of Saint Ananias, built in the 5th century in Damascus. 


Children from Syria Walking through the Old City of Damascus, came across this adorable little girl sitting in her doorway eating lunch. I fell in love. Syria is beautiful through its people, it's mountains, it's trees, it's breeze...everything. What does it take to end this conflict?


Wedding in SyriaNot what you'd expect to find in a hotel in Syria today, but life goes on even when war brings it to a halt. Say a prayer that this day will mark the beginning of a lifetime of peace of mind and love for the new couple and their country.


Unique Glimpses of Syria

A splash of colour in the darkest of places. Syria.


Gimpses of Syria life

Looking back at my footage from the last few days and realizing that this time it will be particularly hard to leave Syria. The people I met here this trip had a huge impact on me...especially Alaa and Dua in this photo. Social media campaigns don't end wars, but they can raise awareness to remind people that most of those suffering from this war are victims who just want to live. Syria deserves better.


Note: These photos were taken during Dina El-Kassaby's WFP missions in Syria.