Glimpses of Syria, Part 1


"The most beautiful bouquet of flowers I've ever received. Hand-picked by the gorgeous Rasha in a camp for displaced families in Syria's coastal city of Tartous. Her family came here 5 years ago w"hen fighting in Aleppo shook the roof over their heads day and night. Rasha, 3 years old, says she is from Aleppo, but she's never seen it."


This is so much more than a tomato. It was grown by Ayman Shaqeya, a Syrian farmer whose greenhouses were torn down in a severe snow storm last winter. Unable to farm, he lost his source of food and income. To help him get back on his feet again, World Food Programme (WFP) and FAO gave him plastic sheeting to rebuild his greenhouses, tomato seeds and an irrigation system, which means that he is now harvesting hundreds of these delicious red tomatoes every day. Ayman is making a living again and that's why this isn't just any ol' red tomato.


Here she is: Rasha, the flower girl from Aleppo. It's the little things, the little people.


Congrats Wael and Abdallah! These twin brothers just finished their last science exam of the year. Why it matters? They're able to go to school again. It's as if they forgot that their neighbourhood was a war zone not too long ago. Syria's, Old City of Homs. PS - take a closer look at that awesome t-shirt!

Spent one of my best days ever in Syria visiting WFP's school feeding programme at a school in Rural Damascus today and saw first hand that there is hope for the future of this amazing country.

Please note: These photos were taken during Dina El-Kassaby's WFP missions in Syria.