Giving Tuesday: Stand Against Hate and Unite Our Communities

giving tuesday ideas The rise of the alt-right throughout the West has become a challenge to global democracy. This Giving Tuesday we are reflecting on the work we have been doing to unite our communities by providing content that promotes interfaith dialogue and bolsters the bridge between the MENA and the West.

With campaigns like #ThankfulForMuslimWomen and ongoing partnerships, we want to continuing working together to combat the growing Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiments spreading throughout the West.

We must keep this dialogue going, but we need your support to succeed. In 2017, we featured wide-ranging journal submissions from contributors in Egypt, Iran, the U.S., Lesotho, Qatar, and elsewhere.

We will continue to foster relationships and provide captivating submissions for our readers, in hopes that non-Muslims and Muslims can come together to address pressing social justice issues.

Please consider supporting the future of our progressive community -and quality, insightful, personal narratives and news stories- by donating to Middle East Collective. This Giving Tuesday, help our movement for grow for as little as $1 via Paypal or Patreon. Your support truly means the world to us. Thank you.


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Warm regards this Giving Tuesday, Whitney and the MEC Team



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